Sponsoring or Coaching in Recovery from Alcoholism

  • Recovery for Alcoholic Women

    Factors that Foster and Hinder the Process of Recovery for Alcoholic Women. Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive, potentially fatal disease that crosses gender, race, ethnicity, age, and socioeconomic strata. Much of what is known about the disease of alcoholism has been uncovered studying male alcoholics. A phenomenological study was undertaken to identify those contextual factors …∞

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    10 Ways to Help an Alcoholic

    Alcoholics need help and these ‘affirmative love’ suggestions may help you. It is important to put the responsibility for dealing with the alcohol problem squarely on the person in question while continuing to love them. Doing the “right” thing can depend on how severe the alcohol problem is and on how much real understanding the …∞

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    Relatives of alcoholics share trauma

    “The entire purpose of my life had been to see my father sober but even after I had succeeded, I couldn’t be happy. My life was void of meaning. Other people couldn’t understand it. Honestly, neither could I. I used to think that some sick part of me wanted my father to keep drinking so …∞

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    Mommy’s Gone to Treatment

    This book is about Janey, a young girl whose mother has entered a center for addiction treatment.

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