Do You Belong To The Group?

I have often heard Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 step group members say they belonged to this or that group and began to wonder about what is really entailed in belonging to an AA group.

Tradition 1 suggests our common welfare should come first, personal recovery depends upon AA unity. Sure, we are members of AA when we say so, no one can bar us, but really, does membership of an AA group mean as much to us as it should?

I would be very worried if I could feel nothing and did nothing for my group. Life meant nothing to me before I came to AA I wished I were dead. Life was hell on earth and I could find no way out. A miracle happened and I discovered a way out of it with a simple programme of living that enabled me to change my life-style.

For some time I was not a member of a group as one did not exist in the area. Eventually another alkie as desperate as myself, came along and our group conscience was born.

I think the group must be alive and vital, not only a one night a week affair. There is great benefit in keeping contact with other members, we help each other to stay sober.

Our programme is not a lonely one; it’s a programme we live; it’s an action programme, not as we sometimes hear said, a selfish programme. Can you see anything selfish in the Steps? Made amends to people, living a new life that gives us a spiritual awakening, trying to tell others about it and living by these principles in all our dealings, selfish you think? Never.

Being a member of a group carries great responsibilities, no matter whether one is young or old in AA. It’s lives that are at stake, yours and mine.

I do not believe that I can get more out of life than I put into it and the same applies to AA If I don’t put in, I can’t take out. So if I share with others what I have found in AA I reap the greatest reward, for it is in giving that I receive.

If you have a group, be part of it, don’t miss out by not being a vital link don’t bury your talent, develop it!

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