Rabbi Shais Taub: Judaism and Addiction Recovery.

The entirety of the 12-Steps is a spiritual system for living. It’s not just that “Higher Power” thing most people have seen in movies where someone goes to AA. The whole program is a guide for how to live a life of God-consciousness.

Why is the program of recovery all about improving one’s relationship with God? In a real small nutshell I’ll say it like this. For “normal” people, spiritual fitness is a luxury. For the true addict, however, spirituality is the only effective means to bring about the complete remission of an illness that is progressive, fatal and incurable.

The pioneers of AA — the first of the 12-Step groups — had received a revolutionary insight from psychiatrist Carl Jung. Jung revealed that neither the medical nor the mental health professions could help the alcoholic but posited that relief from alcoholism could be found through spiritual means. “Spiritus contra spiritum” Jung called it, making a play on Latin words that mean “spirituality is [the antidote] against [addiction to] spirits.”

Rabbi Shais Taub: Judaism and Addiction Recovery.

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