Sponsoring or Coaching in Recovery from Alcoholism

  • Alcohol Myths

    Test your knowledge of alcohol-related risks and find out the facts about drinking. Can you tell fact from fiction? There are so many stories around alcohol and drinking that it’s hard to know what to believe. Knowing the facts about how drinking affects your body is the best way to make sure you drink safely. …∞

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    10 Ways to Help an Alcoholic

    Alcoholics need help and these ‘affirmative love’ suggestions may help you. It is important to put the responsibility for dealing with the alcohol problem squarely on the person in question while continuing to love them. Doing the “right” thing can depend on how severe the alcohol problem is and on how much real understanding the …∞

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    Living Sober

    Some methods A.A. members have used for not drinking About that title… Even the words “stay sober” -let alone live sober-offended many of us when we first heard such advice. Although we had done a lot of drinking, many of us never felt drunk, and were sure we almost never appeared or sounded drunk. Many …∞

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    Four million drink to get drunk: study |

    MORE than four million Australians say they drink alcohol with the aim of getting drunk, a new study has found. And about half of those people try to get drunk at least once a week. The report, commissioned by the Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Foundation, says 80 per cent of Australians believe the nation has …∞

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    Saddleback Church’s ‘Celebrate Recovery’ Now in 17,000 Churches Worldwide

    More than 3,000 people from churches around the world attended Saddleback Church’s Celebrate Recovery Summit and helped commemorate the 20th year of the Christ-centered program for addictions, which originated at the Southern California church. The program incorporates Biblical principles into the 12 steps of recovery found in Alcoholics Anonymous and specifies the belief that Jesus …∞

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    Relatives of alcoholics share trauma

    “The entire purpose of my life had been to see my father sober but even after I had succeeded, I couldn’t be happy. My life was void of meaning. Other people couldn’t understand it. Honestly, neither could I. I used to think that some sick part of me wanted my father to keep drinking so …∞

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