The Twelve Steps for Christians

The Twelve Steps for Christians

This revised edition is a powerful resource for merging the practical wisdom of the Twelve Steps with the spiritual truths of the Bible.

My husband and I previously read this book and were very impressed. We are both in recovery and were avid believers in Jesus Christ. All of the traditional recovery books were vague in their spirituality, and we could relate and grow from this book. We currently use this book in our ministry, which is a recovery ministry in our church. We see many other people being blessed from it as well. I think people that have not had to deal with different addictions/bondages in their lives, could benefit from the steps/tools that are available in this book!

The Twelve Steps For Christians has given me so much insight into the scriptures and applying them to my everyday life. I have been practicing a recovery program for ten years and this book enhances and re-enforces the principles that I endeavor to apply to my life in a progressive manner. I have shared this knowledge with friends and we have used it as a study guide. This book is a powerful tool for those interested in growing spiritually and experiencing a life changing process.


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