lanternSpirituality and purpose in life in alcoholism recovery.

We examined the relationship between spirituality and recovery from alcoholism.

Spirituality was defined as the extent of practice of Alcoholics Anonymous Steps 11 and 12 and was measured by a Step Questionnaire developed for this study.

AA Step 11 suggests prayer and meditation, and Step 12 suggests assistance of other alcoholics. It was postulated that the extent to which Steps 11 and 12 were practiced would be positively correlated with the extent of purpose in life reported by 100 AA members.

Positive correlations between practice of Step 11 and purpose in life scores and between Step 11 and length of sobriety were found.

Number of AA meetings attended was significantly correlated with purpose in life scores and length of sobriety.

Carroll, Stephanie. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, Vol 54(3), 297-301.

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